The Hidden Elves Series

The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves
Enter the secret realms and let your adventure begin!
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The Beginning Book Trailer

​What to Expect in The Hidden Elves Series

  1. Beauty
    Being able to transform one's passion, emotions, and feelings into words is what separates a good writer, from a great writer. Each realm, each adventure, each experience written in this series took hundreds of hours to create and is intricately detailed.
  2. Fulfillment
    Just like any good story, there must be cliffhangers! From one chapter to the next, the true goal of any writer is to create a book that readers simply cannot put down. Heed my warning, though; there must be a balance between suspense and fulfillment.
  3. Original Terms/Names
    In an attempt to ensure originality, the writing process that took place throughout "The Beginning", and will continue to take place throughout the series, was rigorous and arduous. Character names, storyline, and environment descriptions are all unique.
  4. Adventure
    A hidden race of elves...secret realms that only reveal themselves to whom they desire...magical friends and powerful foes... Dangerous caves, life-altering battles, and extravagant shows of magical force leave readers on the edge of their seat.
  5. Fantasy
    In any fantasy novel, there are a few key elements that seem to repeat: mythical creatures, mystical backgrounds, and an action-packed storyline. The Hidden Elves is no different!
  6. Conflict
    Just like any genre of book that contains adventure, a common goal or conflict is almost required (or is at least expected). Rest assured knowing each battle won or lost, and every winding road leads to conflict. Good VS Evil...who will win?

Remarks from those who read the extended sneak peek of
The Beginning

"...this is good!  I generally rate books by how easily I get sucked at some point it's more like I'm watching a movie than reading...I got sucked into the descriptions and was walking the hallways with Jasper.  I've read plenty of books from 'seasoned' authors that can't even bring you into their world...I think it's a talent.  The storyline is flowing smoothly and the cliffhanger was deadly!  Overall, I'm impressed and am planning to buy the book to get past that cliffhanger."

Sarah P.
" only critique is that I didn't have the rest of the book!  9.5/10!"

Juliana P.

"An easy read that keeps you wanting more, The Hidden Elves is great for any age group.  It gives you everything you're looking for in a fantasy novel, and more!"

Karen J.

"...I have read the sneak peak for the first ten chapters of "Hidden Elves." Very well done, Jonathan Bowerman! I was sucked into the story immediately and felt like I was seeing/feeling something happen to me instead of reading about it. Jasper reminded me of the younger me...Well done! I want it on my wishlist! :)

Anna B. (Author of  Antirion: The Forgotten Isle)

For more reviews from those that have read the The Beginning, please visit  I am proud to say that I have received 100% 5 stars and amazingly encouraging words from fans!
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9/16/2017 - On Point Book Fair (Tampa, FL) UPDATE: Huge success! Loved every minute!

10/31/2017 - Guyton Elementary "Hidden Elves Young Writer's Contest" stories due.

11/07/2017 - Meet and Greet at South West Middle School (Savannah, GA)

11/16/2017 - Meet and Greet and Book Signing Guyton Elementary School (Guyton, GA)

11/18/2017 - Savannah Children's Book Festival (Savannah, GA)

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