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Jonathan J Bowerman
          Jonathan was born in Orlando, FL in 1983 and is married with three children.  Inspiration for The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves came from his two daughters.  What started out as some imaginative little doodles on computer paper at the kitchen table, has turned into book one of a three part series.

          On top of his new-found joy of writing, Jonathan is also a Professional Firefighter and when not on duty, loves to spend his time with his family.  While striving for a BS in Psychology he had an awesome opportunity to spend over 100 hours with elementary school-aged children during his internship.  This reminded him that behind every child is a desire for adventure and excitement!  With his series, he hopes to deliver just that.
          Even as a child, Jonathan had a love for books; from fantasy to general non-fiction, he has always found an escape in wondrous stories.  A few authors that inspired him are Christopher Paolini (Author of the Inheritance Cycle), Donita K. Paul (Author of The Dragon Keeper's Chronicles), and J.R.R. Tolkien (Author of The Lord of the Rings).  Book one of The Hidden Elves Chronicles truly is 'The Beginning' of his plans of a long writing career.      ​
Current and Future Projects​​
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The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves
          Jonathan is currently working on book two of The Hidden Elves series. Because he writes from the heart and never truly knows what is going to happen next, what changes in the secret realms will take place, nor what sort of crazy mayhem his characters will force upon his creativity, he isn't sure how long book two will be. With this being said, he intends to make A New Adventure about the same size and length of The Beginning, but he isn't 100% certain. Please be patient with him as he dives into the very depths of his own imagination and let us hope he makes it out with at least a shred of sanity.     
Humanity's War:
The Battle for the Citadel
          With The Hidden Elves series eventually coming to a close, sometime in 2018 (if all goes as planned), Jonathan has sought other things to focus his creative attention and has branched out into Science Fiction. Humanity's War: The Battle for the Citadel takes place in a post-war, dystopian style setting where maniacal  scientists sit safely behind their walls while their gruesome creations roam the streets of a once thriving civilization. Their devious actions demanded an audience and The Guilds--the protectors of civilization--took a stand against them. Little did they know, they were utterly outgunned and were all but completely annihilated. Now in hiding, The Guilds await their chance to strike down their powerful foes and reestablish peace in their war-torn world.

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Lee Village
          One cool, rainy day, inspiration hit Jonathan like a whispering wind. The combination of the rain, the effects it had on the environment around him (overcast, foggy, etc), and the sounds he heard inspired Jonathan to start writing Lee Village, a young reader's mystery suspense novel. It starts with preteen Nick moving to a new neighborhood on the east coast. The first night he and his family were in the house, ominous orbs with an overwhelming presense make themselves known. A combination of the orbs and the mysterious disappearances of children in the area cause young Nick to take action and investigate his new home.
"Charles and the Dodo"
A Flash Fiction story about the troubling time Charles Dodgson had writing a very famous novel about a girl that was transported into a magical world. This story in poem form, with a twist of humor and...confusion?...will hopefully make you giggle.
(Click on the bird to be swept off to the story)
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