The Hidden Elves Series

Meet the Books

The Beginning​​
        Stepping into her new home, Jasper had no idea her life would change forever. Being a typical 12-year-old girl with a typical 12-year-old imagination, she is never short of new adventures.  Although, the adventure she would soon embark on would change her more than she knew.  Join Jasper and her team of majestic elves as they seek to save Whisper-Feet from the treacherous villain Veranon.  High flying excitement, dark and dangerous caves, magical weapons, and beautiful realms all await her the moment she touches the Great Willow tree.  The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: The Beginning is sure to keep your heart pumping and your mind racing!
A New Adventure​​
        Book one thrust readers into the life of Jasper and her adventures in the secret realms.  In book two, the excitement continues but not the way she expects. An ancient elf will be her guide on a path that will reveal more than the past. A magical ritual - known only by the hidden elves - will shed light on an unknown past. What she learns will prepare her for more than she would ever expect. Readers, prepare yourself for continued excitement, familiar faces and new ones in The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: A New Adventure!
The Final Threat​​
        Please be patient as book two is being written and Jonathan plans for book three!
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Meet the Characters

Whisper-Feet (Gender: Male; Personality: Adventurous/Mischievous, Fun)
        Practically being born into a position of great importance made Whisper-Feet's childhood a difficult thing. So many people looked up to him and all he wanted to do was have fun. "Responsibilities" they say, "Be mature" they chastise...well, he doesn't want any part of it. That is, until he is abducted by the Outcasts. Now, as a prisoner of war, he must stay alive and wait to see if he is rescued. When Whisper-Feet isn't fighting for his life, he loves to explore the many realms and get into as much mischief as elfly possible. On more than one occasion he has been reported to Wysterium for traveling into the human world and causing all sorts of confusion. One of the most recent instances, he happened to stumble upon Jasper during one of her own adventures...what sort of destiny does fate have in store for the both of them? Are their futures intertwined? We shall see!
Jasper (Age: 12; Gender: Female; Personality: outgoing, adventurous, strong but hides her own self-doubt)
      Jasper is a high-spirited young girl with a bubbly personality.  She LOVES exploring and is by no means shy even though she doubts herself from time to time. After moving into her new home the first thing she did was explore every floor and every room in the mansion.  Besides her bedroom, her favorite place to hang out is the Grand Library.  Its seemingly unending rows of books dimly lit reading nooks, and second story sitting area with fireplace makes it grand, indeed.  When she isn't spending hours upon hours learning new things she likes to relax with her cat, Sloth.  The fact that Sloth does practically nothing proves to be a nice counter-balance for Jasper's "go-go-go" lifestyle. When in the realms she keeps busy training and hanging out with Bralix. The most memorable area of The Meadow to Jasper is the cascading waterfall and rainbow-colored fish that swim in the stream.
Wysterium (Gender: Female; Personality: Optimistic, Bright, Humble)
     "My back is killing me!" Wysterium states before leaping high into the air and doing a back-flip. "Ah, that's better."
As the previous sentence proves, Wysterium is strong and deceiving. She loves a good challenge but hasn't had one for hundreds of years. Most of her time is spent speaking with representatives from other realms as well as sending and receiving messages from her most trusted messenger elves. Though on the outside she may look old and ragged, she can still outrun the twins, Flira and Flora, outwit Hoodwink, outshoot Ellamariss, which is no easy task, and play a mean game of acorn (a lot like Soccer). She prides herself in her organizing skills, loves to indulge in Honey Water, a little too much actually, and still holds the "Sacred Blade" she was given as the new leader of The Meadow Realm over 500 years earlier. Her best friend is Hoodwink and never missed a single "Annual Games Ceremony."
Hoodwink (Gender: Male; Personality: Cheerful, friendly, and most of all, optimistic!)
        Hoodwink is a fairly short but powerful elf with a smile as big as his face and friendly as can be. When he isn't chasing Bralix around to be sure he isn't hurting himself, he likes to spend time in front of the fire with a good book. His favorite snacks are Wipper-gnats and his favorite drink is, you guessed it, Honey Water. He was the apprentice of Deldriarch--one of the most powerful conjurors in all the realms--and looks forward to the days his master visits The Meadow so they can catch up on things. He is Wysterium's right-hand man and is proud to be one of Jasper's closest friends. He hopes that he can be half the master to Bralix as Deldriarch was to him and lead many elves on to greatness.
Bralix (Gender: Male; Personality: Fun, Excitable, and eager to learn [and impress])
Being the youngest elf on the mission to save the secret realms, the weight that was placed on Bralix's shoulders was held very well. His demeanor, wisdom, and ability to adapt to his surroundings surpassed his age three-fold! When given a task, he performs it nearly perfect but, are you surprised? With a master like Hoodwink, how else would he be? This young, excitable elf loves to have fun, loves to learn new things, and most of all he loves to spend time with his good friend, Jasper. Deep down inside, he has a crush on Jasper but would never do anything to jeopardize their friendship...besides, there just might be something going on between her and Whisper-Feet. :O If Bralix continues on the path he is on currently, he will do great things. As risking his life to try and save the secret realms from certain doom is great enough, right? ;)
Ellamariss (Gender: Female; Personality: Confident, loyal, high spirited, and has a "can do" attitude)
        Some say she is the best archer in all the realms...ok, they ALL say she is. Crack shot at anything that involves a bow and arrow and can take out a whipper-gnat from a thousand feet away! Winner of every archer competition in the Annual Games since she was able to compete and a big fan of Jasper and her hidden talents, Ellamarris loves to spend her time hanging out with her best friend, Crumson, and guiding young archers on the path of greatness. Don't let her beautiful face fool you, though, she is as tough as they come and more often than not has a fuse shorter than an eyebrow hair. 
Coming soon!
The Twins: Flira & Flora
Coming soon!

Meet the Inspiration

Personal Inspiration​​
Inspiration is (loosely) defined as being mentally stimulated, especially regarding creativity.  Much like the illuminative vessels above, inspiration comes in different shapes, sizes, and senses from sights, to sounds, and even smells.  I'd like to share a few of the things that have inspired me to do what I love to do.
First and foremost I must thank God for everything I have in my life. My wife and children mean the world to me and if not for His blessings and Jesus's sacrifice I would not have them in my life. I know God inspires me daily to be the man I am in my relationship with my family and He guides the words I put on paper. Even though my books are not  of the Christian genre I do make it a point to provide clean, family-friendly adventures for any age to enjoy. I also hope to be an example for my fans both young and, well, not young. ;)
          Marcus Samuelsson is quoted in saying, "My family is something I am very proud of - in front of me, behind me, and every part."  The biggest inspiration for my writing has been and always will be my family.  The manifestation of this book series is directly related to my daughters.  One night we were all sitting around our kitchen table and we started chatting about little villages and imaginative elves that live in our couches.  Then it expanded into villages in almost every area of our home from behind our refrigerator, to underneath cabinets, and even in bathrooms.  Their "realms" were magical, clever, and extravagant (in their own ways).  From the laughs and ideas that were tossed back and forth, with no clear direction, came sketches and drawings that we still have today.  After a few days, I simply could not get their smiling faces out of my mind and how much fun it was to brainstorm.  Seeing how colorful their ideas were and how happy it made them made me want to put some of their thoughts on paper.  That was in March of 2016 and The Beginning was born!

          From paragraph to paragraph and chapter to chapter, my wife endured every update with a smile upon her face and encouraging words to keep me motivated.  Once I completed the book, and the editing process began, I shared much of it with my mother.  I truly believe she is my biggest fan.  As of May 2017, she is nearly finished writing a book of her own (title to be announced)!  I am very excited to share this journey with her as we lean upon one another for support.

          Family should be there for one another during the happy times and the sad.  Encouragement, support, and kind words should be the foundation for every interaction that we share with our loved ones.  Whether you are writing a book, raising children, or building an empire every action and word should be vibrating with love and compassion.

          Music is, arguably, one of the most inspirational and motivational blessings we have on this planet.  It can soothe an anxious soul, bring back memories of times past, or comfort those with hurting hearts.  Personally, it has been an anchor for my sporadic ideas and a beacon for my wandering thoughts.  Hours were spent in front of the computer screen with ear buds in and my thinking cap on.  I truly don't think I would've accomplished anything without the help of the music that was there for me.  The following is a very small list of some of the most inspirational pieces that kept me company:

1: "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) OST - Disc 1 [Marathon] "
(Username: thenisekoimusic)
          Focus Tracks (timestamped): 0:01:35; 0:22:51; 0:24:40*; 0:29:02; 0:41:57; 0:51:14; 1:08:05 and many more!

2: "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) OST - Disc 2 [Marathon]"
(Username: thenicekooimusic)
          Focus Tracks (timestamped): 0:00:00;  0:23:33; 0:27:37; 0:38:03

3: "Joe Hisaishi Budokan Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert 1080 Sub"
(Username: Andriy K. ; Composer: Joe Hisaishi)

4: Any music used for Studio Ghibli films (that should pretty much cover it)

          Another great quote is from Ernest Hemingway.  He stated, "There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."  Every great writer has a favorite author whom in turn has a favorite author, as well.  As a child I never really was a passionate reader but even still I have my favorite writers.

          As I ponder over Hemingway's quote, I find myself agreeing completely.  In blood there is LIFE and the life of authors is in their books.  Sitting down, focusing on what and who you are, focusing on the story you desire to share with others and simply writing is what its all about.  Some of my favorite authors truly reveal who they are in the books they've written, one of them being Christopher Paolini.  When I read and reread his stories I began to grasp who he truly is.  When I watch the self-help videos that he has shared with his fans I say to myself, "This is EXACTLY how I pictured him."  That is how it should be because when writers write they simply "sit down at a typewriter and bleed."  Their words, their stories, the characters they create, and the worlds they build are lined with their very own DNA (of sorts)...their "Inky-DNA".

          More brilliant authors that were and are an inspiration to me are Trenton Lee Stewart, author of The Mysterious Benedict Society.  Even though this series is not actually 'Fantasy' it is still motivating and inspirational, nonetheless.  Stewart's ability to capture readers and make them feel like they're "part of the gang" is perfect.  His series follows the special, brilliant lives of 4 kids: Reynie, an absolutely brilliant kid who can solve any problem given enough time; Sticky who memorizes anything he reads...and I mean, ANYTHING; Kate, a gymnast and acrobat at heart (and body) who can get out of any situation using her skills and abilities; and lastly, Constance, a poetic genius who turns out to be more than expected.  Their literally save the world!

          Jeanne DuPrau is a brilliant author of young readers.  She is best known for her Books of Ember series.  I read the four-book series years back and have read them again since.  The four Books of Ember tell the story of a city where it’s always dark. There’s no sun, no moon, no light at all unless the electricity is on. And the electricity is beginning to fail...a must read for all ages. 

          Lastly, where would I be as a writer if it wasn't for the aforementioned J.R.R. Tolkien.  Just the name resonates so many memories and hours upon hours of reading from the five-time-read The Hobbit to the action-packed Lord of the Rings series.  In my eyes, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series is the epitome of fantasy writing.  If one is looking for a complete guide to character and worldbuilding look no further than anything written by Tolkien.

          Whether you are a young reader inspiring to write your very first book, novel, or series, or you are a seasoned writer with dozens of published books under your belt, never forget who your favorites are and how they've inspired you to do what you love to do.

Image sources: "Inspiration"-; "Music"- Dr. Drodd Graphics (; "Family" - Ms. Toni McDonalid (West Covina);
"Writers" -
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